Begrudgingly Sharing a Secret Hideout With a Stranger in the Library

Sadie’s Nook

A A McRae
2 min readMay 21


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There is a little nook in the back of the library.

I found it first. Truly I did.

I’d been hiding out in the nook since my mom first took me to the library at age five. It is a little cut-out in the library large enough for two bean bags and a small shelf. I am pretty sure it was supposed to be a closet that never got finished. It is so quiet, and I can be left alone to read and read to my heart’s content.

Now that my mom’s gone, I need a space like — a place to hide out, read, and think.

James claims he found it first. But I go to the library every single day, including Saturdays, and I have never seen him here. Or at least I’ve never found him in my nook.

We both ended up hiding out there during summer Library Camp. I was trying to escape Agatha, who wanted to eat all my snacks. James said he just needed a quiet place to read. I hadn’t noticed him before, but I will admit, Library Camp, was surprisingly loud.

Regardless of who found it first (I did), the nook is a special place. Since there are two bean bags, I guess I can share.

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